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Hi! I'm Sridhar Pai Tonse

I'm a telecom analyst, consultant, and tech marketer turned startup coach. Being a spiritually grounded minimalist, I'm on a mission to create a 'product nation': I believe that exponential economic growth can come from product businesses. I founded Tonse Telecom 15 years ago where we worked with over 170 global projects helping hundreds of companies with everything from Strategy and Advisory Services, to fundraising, and technology marketing in global markets. I recently started Lead Gen Knowledge Hub to focus on helping create a vibrant product community for startups. I am launching a series of courses, and coaching to help you in your startup journey - be it lead generation, market entry, business development and scaling. Would love to catch up!

 A Product Nation

We are on the cusp of a golden opportunity of creating global businesses by doing a few things right. Tools, Capital, and resources are not issues. Vision, mindset, scale, and execution are. It is my mission to enable startup ideas to become global businesses. 

Start-up Coaching

Having worked with hundreds of start-ups over the years, helping scale from 2 person teams to pre-IPO, helping build funnels, lead gen systems, and raising capital, I can coach startups to grow and build scale.

Lead Gen Knowledge Hub

I founded Tonse Telecom -a consulting company in 2005. We consulted with hundreds of clients. Lead Gen Knowledge Hub has now been established to create a digital coaching center for startups that need to learn to scale and grow to dominate their niches

The Lead Gen Knowledge Hub

Join other experts like you where we discuss skills, methods, and tools to create, scale into global businesses.

Define the Biggest Customer Problem you are solving

Define the #1 customer Problem your product will solve while you are in the webinar itself.

Create Content showcasing Solutions, mapped to Customer Avatar 

Create a Content Strategy, with all relevant elements, that solves this problem and roll-out plan to reach the prospective targets

Automate Leads & Sales

Learn how to attract the right quality customers on autopilot and build loyal communities.

Simple Process to Get Started

We have various membership levels to cater to your needs. Attend my next webinar to learn more and then get started on a journey to scale.


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Time To Create, Scale and Share

This community is built with a purpose! Our focus is to help you get results.

Sridhar Pai and his team helped us with the India market entry for our 4G LTE product range. The entire distribution strategy, pricing, feature schedule, and early engagement were done with the Tonse Telecom team. It was hugely beneficial for us.


founder, chief scientist, 3G Bits

Sridhar Pai Tonse came to us highly recommended by an industry colleague from our Asian OEM (they had already worked with Tonse). Sridhar gave us the most realistic market estimate, opportunity, and telco strategy for our aerostat India plan. 


Founder and CEO, Aerostat Developer, USA

Sridhar Tonse is one of the most experienced M&A advisors in the sector. He represented us in our M&A transaction with our Canadian buyer. And also on our final exit.


Founder and CEO, Wireless Broadband Developer

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